Welcome to my professional hub. Most projects listed here are documented on the linked websites. I hope you enjoy the tour. Please get in touch if our interests overlap.

–John Harlin III

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Personal writing, films, and adventures:

Swiss Border Stories, The Eiger Obsession, The Alps IMAX movie, and a few stories from Backpacker

Science, conservation, and development:

Climate Research Initiative: MyCRI will become a worldwide network for citizen-science climate-change studies (with a special emphasis on photography), but for now it’s online in order to receive inquiries from the My-CRI “buttons” placed above Leysin, Switzerland, as part of the “LETS Study Leysin” program at Leysin American School (see below).

High Mountains Adaptation Partnership – HiMAP

Everest Alliance

The Mountain Institute


LAS Alpine InstituteThe LAS Alpine Institute brings adventure and mountain science to students at the Leysin American School in Switzerland. For a few years of their lives, students at the LAS live in one of the most spectacular places on earth. The Alpine Institute connects them with their local mountain environment. As a center for mountain science, sport, environment, and culture, the Institute works with teachers across the curriculum to build a deep understanding and passion for the mountain landscape and culture of our Swiss home.


Harlin Media: Documenting adventure, exploration, science, education, conservation, and development.

Public speaking:

John Harlin Speaker: Professional slide shows and films from my life in mountain and wilderness adventure.

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