Welcome to my professional hub. Most projects listed here are documented on the linked websites. I hope you enjoy the tour. Please get in touch if our interests overlap.

–John Harlin III

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Personal writing, films, and adventures:

Swiss Border Stories, The Eiger Obsession, The Alps IMAX movie, and a few stories from Backpacker

Science, conservation, and development:

Climate Research Initiative: MyCRI will become a worldwide network for citizen-science climate-change studies (with a special emphasis on photography), but for now it’s online in order to receive inquiries from the My-CRI “buttons” placed above Leysin, Switzerland, as part of the “LETS Study Leysin” program at Leysin American School (see below).

High Mountains Adaptation Partnership – HiMAP

Everest Alliance

The Mountain Institute


Leysin American School in Switzerland

At the Leysin American School, I’m introducing two programs for youth:

GLOBE Program: “Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment.” This NASA and National Science Foundation–led program is a collaboration between students, teachers, and scientists worldwide. At LAS, we’re initiating the Local Elevation Transect Study, or “LETS Study Leysin.” We’re monitoring ecological changes as the planet warms, with a special focus on our local alpine landscape. To learn more about GLOBE at LAS, visit our website: www.globe-las.org. To visit NASA’s main GLOBE Program, click on www.globe.gov.

Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award. The International Award is the world’s leading youth-achievement award, with more than 8 million participants in 140 countries during its near-six decades of history. Learn more at the International Award at LAS website. To see photos from our outings, visit the International Award at LAS Google Community and the Outdoor Adventure at LAS Google Community. These Google Communities are mostly to share photos with students. Learn even more at headquarters for the DofE International Award.


Harlin Media: Documenting adventure, exploration, science, education, conservation, and development.

Public speaking:

John Harlin Speaker: Professional slide shows and films from my life in mountain and wilderness adventure.

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