Google Maps embeds (testing)

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Click navigation icon in the top left corner of each map to see the items in the “navigation menu.” Click any box to view or hide the listed content.

Initial view can be set to any zoom level and centerpoint.

Click on icons to view text and photo of this point of interest.

There are 3 style options for icons:

  1. A series of droplets with letters that correspond to items in the navigation pane. Icons have different colors (colors are fixed). In this view there is no text inside the map. This is the cleanest way to view streets.
  2. Droplets are all the same color. There is text on the map (i.e., next to the icon is the name of the place). This version is clean-looking, but the text blends with the streets.
  3. Icons are in shapes representing parks, restaurants, music venues, hospitals, etc. While these are informative, they are a bit ugly.

There are also several options for the background. This is the default map view. You can click in the lower left for the satellite view. But we can set several other options. Screenshots of these options will be posted later.

The following map is the default 640 pixels wide by 480 high:

Click on the navigation icon in the upper left of the map. Notice that the menu doesn’t immediately show the runs–you have to scroll down to see them. Also click on the icons inside the map. You should see text and a photo.

The following map is set to 900 pixels wide by 600 high:

Notice that the navigation menu (top left) shows the first of the runs. Click on the boxes to hide or show things in the menu.

The following map is set to 950 wide by 950 high:

In this size most of the navigation menu (top left) is visible without scrolling. Maps can be set to open any size.


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